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16 Tips on how to design a home office that is kid friendly

16 Tips on how to design a home office that is kid friendly

As a mom that works from home and has worked from home since I became a momma, I know the struggle is real trying to juggle both. Some days are easier than others, but mom guilt is REAL even when you work from home. You want to do a really good job for your clients or employer, but you don’t want to ignore your kid or plop them in front of a screen (momma’s with young babies- you’re lucky if you can get three hours of work done a day).

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Get the look- Modern Boho Living Room

Do you want to make your living room more Boho-Modern, but you don’t know where to start? Use this Get the Look furniture board as inspiration, or you can purchase everything on this board if you LOVE it and gotta have it. Just make sure the sofa and coffee table fit in your room.

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Christmas decor furniture board

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decor

I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m already writing a blog post about Christmas decor. Every year this Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier. But, you know what? Every year I get more and more excited to get the house decorated for Christmas. Now that I’m a mamma, I love seeing the excitement of my little girl when we get our Christmas tree and decorate the house. She loves to help me with everything (she’s almost three years old, so everything feels brand new to her) and I love including her in the process. So I thought, I may as well get this blog post out now so that you (and I) could plan our decor for this season!

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Get the look: Modern Farmhouse furniture style board

Get the Look: Modern Farmhouse Furniture Style board

Modern Farmhouse is very similar to the classic Farmhouse style, except that you have way less rustic finishes and your furniture isn’t as traditional in feel. To complete this look, you can find some beautiful drapes in a nice linen texture. I tend to choose blue accents for most of my decor schemes (because I love blue and green) but you could choose almost any color you’d like for your drapes. If you want to stick with the more modern aesthetic, then choose drapes in a neutral color (like white, creme, gray, taupe, dark gray).

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Get the Look: Modern California Furniture Style board

To celebrate the love for my state, I’ve created a furniture style board to reflect the California lifestyle. You will find lots of natural color woods, textures, and some refined furnishings. To complete this look, you can search for a textured rug in blue or green or gray hues. Or look for something with a tribal pattern, to bring home that cultural California element. The decor elements on this board pair well with any neutral style sofa, so it’s easy to use this as a template to update your room quickly and easily.

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New home? Where to start

New home? What furniture do you buy first?

Buying a new home is exciting stuff. But whether you are a new home buyer or veteran who wants to make the most of their new home, the thought of what kind of furniture to buy can be daunting. What do you really need? Below are some items that I think are key (and the first) furniture pieces that you should buy when you move in.

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Rules of Interior Design- Emphasize your point

Don’t you hate it when you watch a commercial on t.v. and once it ends you look around the room, shrug and say, “I don’t get it..” You get the same reaction when you try to design a room without a focal point. Every room in a home has a main function, with the big idea of what you should be doing in that room. What are some examples of focal points in a room you ask? I’ve listed some below.

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Interior Design Rules: You are the boss of your room

Welcome back to the third edition of our Interior Design Rules blog series. If you missed the intro or the second post about floor plans, take a peek now before continuing. Design rules are like building blocks- you need to build upon each rule before you can get to the completed masterpiece. This design rule should actually be done in conjunction with the previous design rule.

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Sara has been an interior designer for over 10 years. She is more passionate about design now than when she started her career. Her husband (Luke) and daughter (Amelia) are some of her favorite people. She loves to go antique store shopping, eating chocolate and meeting new people.


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