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Curious about Sara’s e-design process? All of your design boards, plans, rendering, and information can be accessed through your design portal through sarahodesigns.com on any device.  Sara’s e-design process is done in four phases. Find out about each phase below.


In order to work with Sara, you will need to access to the following programs:


We will use Facebook messenger as a way to communicate about your project. There will be a messenger bubble floating at the bottom of each of your project portal pages. Since most people have Facebook, this makes it easy to chat about your project. The conversations will always be saved so you can go back and review them if you need to. Best of all, you can chat with Sara from any device.


Once your project is set-up, Sara will invite you to a private Pinterest board. This board will have different sections or categories to save information. You’ll have access to before and after photos of your space, furniture options, furniture plan options, renderings, and mood images. You can access your board at any time during or even after the project has been completed. Sara will upload your final shopping list and implementation guide there as well. The nice thing about it being private is that any comments on specific photos will only be seen by you and Sara.

Phase One

Once you purchase your design package, you will receive a link to your Client Portal page. There you will have access to all of your current design boards & information, the status of your project, direct access to furniture selections, and more. You can use this portal to chat with Sara, upload information directly to Sara’s inbox, and find helpful videos for troubleshooting the design process should any questions arise. 

Client questionnaire

The first thing is first. After you have selected and paid for a design package, you will fill out Sara’s online client questionnaire. This will give Sara detailed information about your project, your lifestyle, how you want your space to feel. Take your time when filling this questionnaire out, Sara wants to get to know you & your family, your needs for your space, and get a sense of who you are.

client content uploads

Next, you will go to your Client Portal and upload photos of your room, your floor plan sketch showing dimensions of your room, and photos of any furniture you’d like to keep in your space. 

Phase Two

This phase is all about getting the initial design of your space right.

floor plan options

Sara will send, at minimum, two floor plan options for your space.  This will be to scale, showing different furniture arrangements for your room, in black and white.  Once you approve one of the options, Sara will move on to the next step.

mood board

The mood board will be sent next, this will show “mood images” of other rooms to give you a feel of your space. It will include major furniture style direction (such as a sofa, a bed, a desk, etc.) and color direction for your room. Sara will provide two revisions to your mood board. Any revisions after the second will be charged at Sara’s hourly e-design rate of $65/hr.

Phase Three

Phase three is all about fine tuning the design. If you have added on a rendering for your room (exciting!) this is the phase that you will see your design really come to life.

furniture selections

Once the mood board and floor plan are set, Sara will start to upload her furniture and decor selections for your room. This will also be accessed through your Client Portal and will show all the important information at a glance. If needed, Sara will provide two options per furniture and decor items. If you would like more options, that will be charged at Sara’s e-design hourly rate of $65/hr. Love an item? You will be able to click on the button “shop now” and purchase your room decor products whenever you want. 

photo realistic rendering

Once all your furniture items are selected and approved, Sara will upload a photo-realistic 3D rendering of your room. You will get one revision to your 3D rendering. Any additional revisions beyond that will be charged at Sara’s e-design hourly rate of $65/hr.

Phase Four

This last phase is all about the documentation of your project. 

Downloadable design content

Inside your Client Portal, you will be able to download ANY of the items that Sara has uploaded to any device. The floor plan, mood board, 3D rendering, etc. can all be downloaded by pressing a button.

Downloadable shopping list

Once all your furniture and decor selections are set, Sara will create a PDF shopping list that you can download to your computer for easy reference to all the products Sara has selected for your room. This list will be shoppable, which means you can click on each item on the PDF to go to the website to purchase. You may also print this list if you’d like to keep it as a visual reference for all of your furniture and decor selections. 

Implementation Guide

Also on your Client Portal, you will find a downloadable Designer implementation guide specific for your room design. This guide will provide information and tips on the best way to implement your design. 

Social Media

Below are the two social media accounts you will need to have before working with Sara. Read more to find out exactly how we will use these two social media channels in your design process.


Sara will be using Pinterest as another form of communication. She calls this visual communication. This is where you will find all of your previous mood boards (if any), any previous renderings, and also furniture options. This will help keep your Client Portal uncluttered, only showing the approved information. You will have the opportunity to click the “heart” icon on any photo on your Pinterest board to let Sara know that’s a favorite. At the end of your design time, and after you’ve updated your room, you can upload photos of your finished room to the “finished room photos” section of your Pinterest board. Sara would LOVE to see photos of how your room turned out, and they may be featured on her website.


At the bottom of your client portal, there will be a Facebook messenger chat bubble. Click on the bubble and log in to chat with Sara about your thoughts, questions, or praises about how the design of your room is coming along. This will be the main place that you and Sara communicate about your room design.


Refer to the two minute video below to get a quick view of Sara’s design portal: