Do you have a vacation rental that needs a little updating? Do you want to be more competitive in your area, therefore booking more clients and making more money? Great, Sara can help!

Sara has over nine years of experience designing LUXURY 4 & 5-star hotels all over the world. She knows what amenities high-end hotels offer. Not only has she designed many hotels, but she’s also traveled in the US and internationally. She has experienced 4 & 5-star hotels as a guest, first hand. Sara is ready to help you design a vacation rental that will be an experience for your clients.  

Designing a space for the hospitality industry is a lot different than designing a space for a homeowner. There are specific considerations for this type of space, for example, the type of furniture to be used that will not only be beautiful but also have quality and longevity. A room that is used by one person or family versus having a revolving door of people in and out all the time is drastically different. Sara is uniquely experienced in this type of interior design. Click here to find out more about Sara.


This service is only offered in Portland, OR. Sorry for any inconvinence. 


First, Sara will give you a call to discuss your needs. Then you will fill out a questionnaire before our first meeting. You will also share any photos or Pinterest boards of what you would like your new space to look like.

meet & Discuss

Sara will do a walk-through of your space. Sara will take notes, measurements, and pictures. Next Sara will formulate a detailed re-design plan and discuss what changes you need to make your space more accommodating and hotel-like for guests. This will include floor plans, elevations, and any concepts for built-ins, millwork, etc.


Sara will prepare a Furniture & Material presentation. Sara will pull furniture options, paint colors, window treatment options, lighting, rug and accessory options. You will collaborate in the re-design of your room. Sara may need to visit your space one or two more times before finalizing the design. Next Sara will create a 3D Photo Realistic Rendering showing your newly re-designed space. Sara will provide 3D visuals so that you can see what your room will look like before purchasing products.


Sara will coordinate with you to place furniture orders for any to the trade products. Sara prefers to use to the trade resources for the main furnishing in your room to ensure the quality and longevity of your new pieces. Sara will also provide an Art & Accessories list. If there are any retail items that can be purchased, Sara will provide a list to you as well as a deadline of when to purchase items by. This list will be your responsibility to purchase the exact items that Sara has selected. Lastly, Sara will also provide an amenities list for your space (items that should be provided to each guest during their stay).


Sara will come to your home to guide the installer’s and stage your space. This usually takes one day but can take more than a day depending on the size of the room or number of rooms that you are re-doing. Usually, you will spend the day away from the home so that Sara and the install team can work on pulling your space together. Sara will also stage your space so that you can see how it should look every time that guests arrive.


Sara will create the following collateral that you can use to advertise and provide printed content to your guests: Logo/typeface for your property, Letterhead, Amenities list template, business cards design with your information. It will be your responsibility to have these items printed out by install day.



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